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About was launched in 2012 to serve the growing group of modern workers and to meet the need to work without a permanent contract and under their own management. takes care of the administration and securities for modern workers but is not involved in the terms a modern worker agrees to with his or her client. currently provides this service to 50.160 registered people who want to work safely and securely. We regularly expand our service with extra benefits for modern workers, because together we can achieve more!

Mission & vision


Mission wants to be there for everyone who wants to have a complete grip on, insight in, and control over his or her income, whereby is the partner in his or her freelance existence from assignment to assignment.


Vision wants to be known nationally among modern workers, clients, and stakeholders as the logical, and above all reliable choice to provide income throughout their career. We will facilitate at least 100,000 modern workers within 4 years.


Statement is a service provider that specializes in paying modern workers who want to work outside the Chamber of Commerce, with their taxes taken care of. And they can also easily purchase various facilities, such as employment conditions and various products. By not using flat-rate payrolling (as is the case for Prae Artiestenverloning), the high flexibility in terms and conditions, and the unique collaborations, we can distinguish ourselves as a remuneration agency. We focus on the modern worker where almost all competing business models focus on clients, with the aim of selling as expensive as possible at the lowest possible cost through non-transparent business models. We have completely turned this around by charging a fixed percentage for our services. Every modern worker payrolls according to their own needs and every employer does business risk-free at a fixed rate.

Existing solutions

In the Netherlands, there are various solutions to make proper financial arrangements for labor.

  • self-employed workers who invoice with a Chamber of Commerce and VAT number;
  • employers who enter into a private-law employment relationship with their employees;
  • clients who place their staff with a payroll company to avoid risks and administration;
  • employment agencies that help clients find staff and temporary employment;
  • contractors who mediate for clients with freelancers to optimize the hiring process and prevent risks.

We are only satisfied with a solution if it meets the needs of the client and the contractor. We are therefore committed to providing contract-free workers with the securities that are appropriate for work. This way you, avoid nasty surprises afterward and everything is taken care of, with good insurance and training options

Defining the problem

Modern workers have many opportunities in the labor market. They can take control themselves, work independently and generate more income, but there are risks lurking... At, we offer a safe and good total solution for:

  • administrative obligations;
  • working while properly insured;
  • improper use of financial facilities;
  • late payment risks;
  • guarantee for VAT and income tax payment obligations.

Modern workers can easily arrange their administration and guarantees with That is doing business and being your own boss, but with peace of mind!

Our solution unburdens modern workers by invoicing and taking care of social and tax obligations and securities. We are not involved in the agreement that the modern worker agrees to with his or her client. In this way, he or she retains full control over his/her assignments and income.

We offer modern workers the opportunity to save for vacation days and retirement at no extra cost. Through smart collaborations with insurers, we offer, among other things, insurance for incapacity for work or liability.

We do this transparently and honestly, whereby we charge a fixed commission of 5% on the invoice. To reward loyalty, the modern worker can save for a discount on this commission so that the modern worker pays only 3% commission in the end. Loyalty points can also be used on the products we offer, such as a lease car and various training courses. As such, modern workers can enjoy attractive discounts and many benefits are even free.


Are you interested?

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