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  • You work, we invoice and you get paid within 2 days.
  • All mandatory taxes paid neatly.
  • Free benefits such as training, coaches and much more.
  • No administration, CoC or VAT number required. is for the modern worker who wants to take control of their income, but always wants to have it properly arranged without hassle for themselves and the organization for which they work.

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With our online calculation tool, you can see immediately what your net balance is on your invoice. Fill in the rate below and see what you have left net from your order or per period. Click on calculation options for a detailed calculation according to your wishes.

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Products especially for you is continuously improving its services and therefore develops products in collaboration with renowned parties with the aim of making your life better, safer and easier. View below which solutions we developed or collectively purchased, so you always have the best deal.

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With it is always well arranged for you and for the people who work with Do you want to work with people who are in control, reward them better and stop expensive intermediaries? Recommend us!

  • You will receive an all-in invoice, no more surprises afterwards.
  • We have a G-account, payment behavior statement and we work with the DBA Proof Act.
  • Indemnified from pseudo self-employment and additional assessments from the UWV or the Belastingdienst.
  • Social safety net for disability compulsory covered (from €1000,- p/m).
  • The best conditions with unique partners without a raise or even for free!
  • — Factoring, disability insurance, retirement, training, etc.

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