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II have nothing to criticize for your service! I would recommend this to every freelancer!

I am very satisfied with your service and with your fast payments!

As a freelancer I work in the sports industry. I would like to share my passion, knowledge and experience with others. I get a lot of energy from that. What gives me less energy is the administrative hassle and all the rules that apply to be able to perform my freelance work. Sportverloning offers a solution to this for me.

Since 2014 I have been registered with Sportverloning and I am very satisfied with it. is a no-nonsense organization that provides service in a professional and transparent manner. I can prepare my invoices in a quick and easy way, which can then be sent directly to clients with one push of a button.

My client recommended to me. It is very useful because I am not dealing with the disadvantages that come with working as a freelancer. In addition to the fact that invoicing is easy, partly due to the clear website, I really enjoy contact with I can go to them with all my questions and I always get a quick answer. I would definitely recommend Sportverloning!

I work for many different clients and of course everyone has something different and is so simple and ideal. I would recommend it to any freelancer!

No stress. You have made a great service. I would definitely recommend you!

I thought it took some time getting used to working with in the beginning, but as I worked with it more often and I noticed the structure of the invoices, it became easier and easier. I could always come for questions, I found this very pleasant. The longer I worked with, it became a piece of cake. I find highly recommended for freelancers!

I find you very helpful. You always have answers to all my questions and that is great!

I am very satisfied with your customer-friendliness!
You always speak nicely and take time for me!

I have been using for several years because of my work as a freelancer in the group fitness industry. I am a chaotic person when it comes to keeping records ... has made administration so much easier. All I have to do is add a client, fill in the agreed agreements and I can send invoices. Those clients are stored, so declaring the next time is even faster. This smart concept combined with good service makes it truly freelancing without hassle.