Professional liabilityinsurance

One of those things that you can insure as a freelancer is professional liability. It is always good to limit the risk of liability in the model agreement with your client. But to what extent is that reasonable if you cause damage to your client in the course of your profession. With professional liability insurance you can cover the financial damage if your client holds you liable. Depending on your work, it can lead to a substantial claim for damages. This prevents you from being liable for the damage in all cases. This insurance covers up to 250,000 euros per case with a own risk of 500 euros.

How does it work?

When you deliver work, you can cause damage to your client in the exercise of your profession. For example, because you give wrong advice for which you are responsible. This is different from liability insurance which covers damage to persons and property when you drop something.

Personal assistance and fast claim settlement: that's insurance with Alicia. Alicia is a partner of Sportverloning when it comes to professional liability. If you need advice, feel free to contact Alicia insurance at 010-8990432 or email [email protected].

What does it cost?

Of course, this insurance is only for the activities for which you use Sportverloning. This insurance costs €50 per year. You always take out the policy every year. You are therefore not committed to anything and every year we ask you whether you want to renew the policy.


Are you interested?

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