Legal insurance

Nobody expects to need legal expenses insurance and yet we see a legal conflict every now and then. A conflict can be very expensive because of the attorney's fees. In addition to being expensive, a legal conflict is also emotionally fierce if you have to do everything yourself. Then the annual premium for legal expenses insurance is often not too bad and is a lot less than a lawyer asks per hour.

How does it work?

When you work, you are active in economic traffic. There are many interests at play and a conflict lingers in a small corner. If you can easily bear the legal costs yourself, then of course there is nothing wrong, but the underlying claim can also be high.

The legal expenses insurance that we have made in collaboration with ABN Amro is very extensive. This way you are insured in case of conflicts as a consumer. Think of online purchases, or if you have a conflict with a company. You are also well insured with regard to your work. Often this is done first through mediation, but if you really cannot resolve it, they are ready to advise and assist you and in traffic you can sometimes have a conflict in the event of a collision or about liability. With legal expenses insurance you will always be well prepared. Always read the policy conditions carefully.

Personal assistance and fast claim settlement: that is insurance at ABN Amro. ABN Amro is Sportverloning's partner when it comes to insurance. Together with ABN Amro we work on the best conditions at very competitive rates. If you need advice, feel free to contact ABN Amro insurance on 038-4968663 or mail to [email protected]

What does it cost?

Depending on your profession, you pay € 288.69 or € 432.04 per year. You always take out the policy every year. So you are not committed to anything and we ask you every year if you want to renew the policy.


Are you interested?

Would you like to discuss your specific situation? Then contact us without obligation. We are happy to help you become your own boss in a way that suits you.